Shipping & Transportation Cost Containment

Optelcon’s Cost Containment Network will help reduce your company’s past, present & future shipping costs

Optelcon addresses challenges faced by C-level executives, including rising shipping costs, distribution center placement, and efficiently transporting products through your supply chain. Even with a recently negotiated agreement, Optelcons Cost Reduction Network can identify incremental savings. Optelcon’s Network applies decades of carrier experience and expertise gained by working with hundreds of shippers to effectively manage more than 250 carrier contract variables across all modes in order to instill transparency, eliminate confusion, and save significantly. Our finance and pricing backgrounds enable Optelcon to effectively manage costs on the more than 250 carrier surcharges that are frequently buried in complex and confusing invoice practices.

High-volume shippers in e-commerce, mail-order, catalog, brick & mortar retail, manufacturing, and distribution organizations in virtually every industry stand to gain the most benefit. In 9 out of 10 companies we analyze, there is a significant savings opportunity. Optelcon helps high-volume shippers optimize transportation spending across their entire supply chain. A vendor-neutral partner, Optelcon provides the consulting and technology services that help companies significantly reduce and control shipping costs.

Our Transportation Optimization services leverage our deep understanding of how carrier pricing is derived to help companies decipher more than 250 possible surcharges impacting their shipping costs. Additionally, we leverage our proprietary models to identify the deepest level of savings possible based on a company’s unique shipping profile. Services include:

  • Carrier Sourcing
    • Carrier evaluation and selection, including identifying the most cost-effective way to split volume.
  • Contract Optimization
    • Analyzing carrier contracts and developing effective negotiation strategies supported by meaningful business cases.
  • Benchmarking and Market Intelligence
    • Optimizing hundreds of carrier contracts for some of the world’s leading brands gives us unparalleled market intelligence that translates to aggressive savings opportunities for our clients.

Our Strategic Supply Chain Planning services provide companies with a complete view of their spending environment enabling them to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. This degree of transparency enables more effective business decision-making and significant soft-dollar savings. Services include:

  • Distribution Network Analysis
    • Modeling transportation costs related to distribution centers, stores, returns centers, etc.
  • Outsourcing Impact Analysis
    • Analyzing the comparative cost implications of logistics outsourcing such as brokers, 3PLs, and outsourced carrier pools.
  • Spend Forecasting & Budgeting
    • Optimizing supply chain forecasting, budgeting, and planning.

Our Audit Technology services ensure carriers comply with their contract terms and agreements.
Services include:

  • Audit and Recovery
    • Generating hard-dollar savings by identifying and claiming 100 percent of entitled funds.
  • Dynamic Reporting
    • Anytime access to more than 700 reporting templates, plus a dynamic report-writing tool for building custom reports.
  • Freight Payment
    • Automating invoice processing, payment, and reconciliation.

Clients experience transportation savings of up to 20% or more, resulting from negotiation of more favorable carrier terms, process operations optimization, and recovery of overpayments.

Optelcon provides a risk-free pay-for-performance fee model. This “gain share” approach requires no upfront fees or retainers and Optelcon is only paid as a percentage of real and measurable savings. Optelcon is 100% self-funded.

The preliminary step is a non-intrusive, zero-cost analysis within two weeks of receiving data. All we require is a sample data set that can be sent electronically and we analyze it to see how much we can help you save. We then give you a target of expected cost savings for your company and get to work. You’ll start seeing savings as soon as new carrier terms are in place.

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