Global Mobility Management and Cost Containment

Global Mobility Management And Cost Containment

Optelcon’s team all have an average of 21 years of industry experience before joining Optelcon.  We know what goes on behind the carrier curtain.  We know the tricks of the trade, how special pricing gets approved, margins, commissions, where they hide billing errors, special custom contract terms, operations, rate plans, equipment pricing, and virtually every aspect of how mobile carriers interact with their clients. Optelcon’s team has addressed billions in telecom and mobile contracts and has saved companies hundreds of millions of dollars. We have never failed to save a client money and our average savings exceed 42%.  They say, “you don’t know what you don’t know”.  Our team has seen it all. In other words, we are the team you want on your side of the table when dealing with your carriers.

We Address Your Company’s Past, Present, and Future Mobility Spend

Optelcon manages all aspects of our client’s mobility spend.  Our experienced team knows how to achieve maximum savings. Some of the areas we help companies with their mobile spending include:

Optelcon’s Network of technology partners gives us access to the best of breed solutions based on the client’s individual needs. Optelcon’s systems are truly global in nature. Here are some key data points.

Optelcon can provide its clients with a truly international dashboard and view of their global Voice & Data and Mobile spending.  Each screen is configurable and each element has drill-down capabilities.

Invoices from all vendors are loaded each month into the system for review.  We can apply over 70 different automated audit and invoice validation rules to each invoice.  Any invoices that do not pass the validation tests are flagged for further review. Optelcon’s expert team researches and resolves any issues that are flagged by the system.  Short pay and disputes are also tracked in the system.

Optelcon provides clients with an ordering portal that allows either a centralized manager or individual employees to order, upgrade, repair, transfer services, and other functions.  The system has built-in approval workflows that go to the designated managers for approval.  Once approved, orders are sent directly to the applicable carrier.  Inventory is automatically updated and validated against future invoices.

Optelcon’s team are experts at reducing the costs of international calls.  Using a combination of proactive and post-billing techniques, Optelcon keeps international costs from spiraling out of control. We provide extensive custom reports that allow managers to get visibility into how users are using international and roaming calls and data.

After negotiating custom international plans based on client usage, Optelcon makes sure users are on the right plans. We also set up processes that require international travelers to inform our team prior to leaving the country.  This proactively prevents excessive charges. There are times, however, that users travel without first notifying our team and without the correct international feature. These instances can create excessive charges.  (One of our client’s users once received a bill for over $35K after traveling to Mexico without the correct feature). Optelcon was able to negotiate a credit with the carrier based on the delta between what they were charged and what they would have been charged had the user remembered to check the correct feature box.  In this case, Optelcon negotiated a credit and refund for all but the $400 it would have been on the correct plan.  Optelcon is highly effective at getting our client’s excessive usage charges rerated and credited the following month. Negotiating these credits is a normal course of business for Optelcon.

Optelcon works with our clients to establish policies on what is considered excessive usage.  Once established, Optelcon monitors usage and sends out pre-approved monthly notices to employees that exceed the established limits.

Optelcon’s 24×7 end-user help desk reduces internal IT management costs and improves end-user experience.

  • Carrier Support Services – Lifecycle Management
  • Improved User Experience For End Users
  • Centralized Support for all Major Wireless Carriers
  • Wireless Procurement, Order Management & Provisioning
  • Wireless Equipment, Service, Billing, and Technical support
  • Moves, Adds, Changes, & Disconnects (MACD)
  • Defective Device Triage/Resolution
  • Device Buyback Management for asset recapture, including data wipe
  • Centralized and/or End User Helpdesk availability
  • Ability to leverage client’s trouble ticketing system, including Remedy, ServiceNow, and others
  • 500,000 Devices under management
  • Complete Service – One Fee (Elite)
  • Our monthly fee per device is all-inclusive with no hidden fees or charges.
  • Advance Inventory Placement for Instant Replacement
  • Free device repair for 3% of the total device count
  • Advance Inventory Placement program. Inventory is stored at a location of your choice and imaged to your corporate specifications, eliminating possible downtime.

Custom deployment is done at our network partner’s 140,000 Sq. Ft. fulfillment, repair, and deployment facility

  • Device order processing, procurement, Wireless service activation, and carrier quality assurance
  • Integration and custom configuration, to your organization’s specifications
  • Application and data loading
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) enrollment
  • Device Kitting, designed for optimal out-of-box end-user experience
  • Pre-packaging services, accessories, device pairing, and custom start-up guides
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