RPA Video Library

Robotic Process Automation Videos

Collection of educational RPA Videos designed to provide the viewer with a clearer understanding of what Robotic Process Automation is and how it works. These are just examples of some of the things Robots can do. There are over 600 different types of Robots that can automate virtually anything. Robots can be used in every department and in any industry.

High-Level Overview of Robotic Process Automation

A short overview of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Example of how RPA processes Invoices

This video shows a bot running through an invoice processing routine that includes interactions with multiple systems. What you see on the screen is actually the BOT doing the work.

Example of a Robot Performing an Accounts Payable Transaction in Oracle

How RPA manages time and attendance processing

BOTS can automation many HR functions including time tracking, expense reporting, scheduling, and other time-consuming tasks.

Example Of How Robots automate insurance or other applications & forms

RPA can process any type of structured form. This video shows how an RPA BOT handles form processing.

Example of How Robots Interact With SAP and Their Impact On The Financial and Accounting Industries

RPA BOTS can interact with virtually any enterprise or web-based system. This video shows how the RPA BOT works inside of SAP to process transactions.

Example Of How Robots Automate Reconciliations

Reconciliations are time-consuming. This video shows how an RPA BOT quickly and accurately completes a reconciliation.

How RPA Development and how RPA works with optical character recognition (OCR)

Processing data from Emails, PDFs, forms and other documents is just one of the many things an RPA BOT can do. This video shows how a BOT can use 3rd party OCR systems to process data.

1/29/2020 Webinar

What every executive needs to know to survive and thrive in the automation age. This webinar, hosted by Bob Pommer, provides a complete walkthrough of how BOTS work, where they can add value, the costs, the ROI, and how to select an RPA vendor.

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