Large State Govt. Saves 43% and $43M in Microsoft Licensing Costs

  • Scenario: Our client had recently completed negotiations with Microsoft for a proposed 3yr. $100M Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) that included the purchase and conversion of over 160,000 Office 365 users. Optelcon was brought in to validate the terms.
  • Action: Optelcon’s industry experts immediately identified higher than market pricing, incorrect licensing models the inclusion of many unneeded applications. Armed with this information, our negotiators went to work to negotiate better terms.
  • Result: The clients saved over $43M and received an additional $6M in conversion credits.

U.S. Bank Saves 54% and $2.4M In Encryption Services And SAN Storage Costs

  • Scenario: Our client’s encryption components were past their end of life and were failing. Their current vendor had told our client that the only way to fix the issue was to completely upgrade their entire Storage Area Network (SAN).
  • Action: Our highly technical subject matter experts performed a complete technical analysis of the client SAN and quickly determined that encryption was only required on 10% of the client’s storage. Using our extensive market pricing data, we provided our client with multiple pricing options from multiple alternate vendors. We took our client from a position of no choices to being in complete control. We presented the client’s options to the current vendor.
  • Result: Within days, we received a new proposal that reduce their cost and eliminating the need to purchase the unneeded storage.
  • Net Savings: 54% savings per Terabyte and the avoidance of $2.4M in unneeded system upgrades.

National Construction Company Saves 35% and $1.4M In Data Center Costs

  • Scenario: Our client had only 30 days either cancel or have their colocation contract auto-renew at the proposed rates. Our client asked us to evaluate options to reduce their colo costs.
  • Action: Optelcon used its database of over 25,000 global collocation facilities to quickly identify that the customer’s rates were 40% higher than other customers with similar space requirements. Using this data, we informed the vendor of our client’s lower-cost options and negotiated better terms.
  • Result: Within 2 weeks, our negotiators were able to save our client an additional 35% and $1.4M off the vendor’s prior best and final bid.

$6B Oil And Gas Company Saves 42% and $2.2M In Mobility Costs

  • Scenario: Our client has over 6,000 mobile devices and needed to reduce costs. Prior to engaging Optelcon our client had recently completed their own 4 month internal RFP and had already received proposals from 3 different carriers. Our client engaged Optelcon to provide validation that the quotes were in line with market rates.
  • Action: Optelcon’s industry experts, immediately identified opportunities to improve the terms. Using our extensive database of previously negotiated, non-published rates, we were able to quickly negotiate improved terms.
  • Result: Within 35 days Optelcon was able to negotiate better terms with all three vendors. In addition to improving the contract terms, our client saved an additional $2.2M above and beyond their best efforts.

Large U.S. Bank Saves 34% and $17M In National Voice And Data Network Costs

  • Scenario: The client was 18 months into a 3 year $50M ATT voice and data contract.
  • Action: Our extensive pricing data and technical expertise identified that the client was paying 54% above the market and was using older network technology. Using this data, our negotiating team finalized a new agreement 14 months before their current contract’s expiration.
  • Result: Savings: $17M (34%) + $2.75M in free network upgrades

Major Global Telecom Company Saves $1M In POTS Line Costs

  • Scenario: Despite being a $6B telecom carrier, our client had challenges managing their own constantly changing internal corporate telecom expenses.  Always looking to find ways to improve their bottom line, they turned to Optelcon for help.  Our client has over 3,000 POTS Lines to do Out Of Band Management in over 1,000 locations. As a result, our client was receiving over 900 individual paper invoices from various local phone companies.
  • Action: Through the use of our real-time market data, industry veterans, and proprietary Software As A Service, Optelcon was able to find several national POTS line, aggregators.
  • Result:  42% and over $3.3M in savings. In addition, we were able to convert over 900 paper invoices per month into one streamlined electronic invoice.

Architecture Firm Save $315K on $14K/Month In Long Distance Costs

  • Scenario: Our client had previously signed a 3 Yr. telecom services contract with ATT just 3 months prior to engaging Optelcon.
  • Action: Optelcon’s industry experts found a loophole in our client’s contract that allowed Optelcon to re-negotiate their voice services. Optelcon also found significant billing errors and documented and filed disputes with ATT.
  • Result: Optelcon recovered over $115K in overcharges and reduce their ongoing voice spend by 71% and $240K.

Leading Home Goods Retail Client Saves 30% And Recovers Over $60K In Owed Credits

  • Scenario: Our client, a leading home goods retail chain and catalog business based in Virginia had spent the previous 24 months unsuccessfully attempting to resolve over $50,000 in incorrect telecom charges.  They came to Optelcon for assistance
  • Action: Optelcon’s industry experts were able to present a business case to the vendor, supported by 24 months of audit data that compelled the vendor to resolve these long outstanding billing issues.  In addition, Optelcon was able to reduce the client’s ongoing telecommunications costs while improving their service levels. agreements.
  • Result: Optelcon successfully recovered over $60K in total credits, reduced their ongoing spending by more than 30%, and got our client a better support team. 

Large Bank Saves 52% On Conferencing Costs

  • Scenario: The client is a large global bank with over 1600 employees, $23B in assets, and 32 global offices. Optelcon’s task was to renegotiate the client’s contracts and deliver meaningful savings. One of the agreements we reviewed was the client’s $500K/year conferencing contract.
  • Action: Upon review of the client’s conferencing invoices and contract, we noticed that the contract was approximately 6 months from completion.  We immediately identified significant savings opportunities by comparing the client’s rates against our propriety market pricing database. We also uncovered some very questionable business practices of their current vendor.  The vendor was hiding charges in their invoice reports and adding penalties not outlined in the contract.  Additionally, the vendor was utilizing the practice of 2 digit rounding which increased our client’s effective rate by 30%.
  • Result: In 30 Days, Optelcon’s experience and extensive category knowledge delivered the following results: 52% cost decrease, bill rounding was improved from 2 digits to 4 digits, service levels and call quality was improved, billing format and contract transparency were improved.  Given the many areas of dissatisfaction, our client asked that we change vendors.  We completed an RFQ and were able to identify a vendor who could mirror everyone’s conference IDs and PINs. The conversion only required communicating a new 800 number to the users.
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