Robotic Process Automation

Automation is (r)Evolutionary – Like in nature, companies that fail to automate and evolve are destined to be replaced by companies that do.

By 2025, companies that implement automation will save between $5-$7 trillion.

Improve Employee Engagement

98% of IT Leaders say that automating processes is essential to driving business benefits, and 13% of workers find repetitive tasks to be a waste of time. With Robotic Processing Automation (RPA), you can empower your people to automate, enabling them to focus on more meaningful work, and better serve customers.

Increase Productivity

According to Deloitte, an RPA software robot is capable of performing a list of more than 600 actions ranging from accounts payable and payroll, processing claims, and much more. The bots never get tired, and they never make mistakes. Your business will enjoy a 75% reduction in processing time with 100% accuracy.

Maximize ROI and Profitability

According to McKinsey & Company, the cost of deploying one bot is one-fifth of the cost of an onshore Full-Time Worker. It is estimated that companies enjoy a 30% cost reduction on operating costs for back end processes. By 2025, companies will save between $5-$7 trillion by deploying an RPA solution.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a game-changing technology that automates time-consuming business processes. RPA uses “software robots” to automate much of the manual “handwork” involved in daily business, such as entering data, processing invoices, issuing purchasing orders and more.

RPA emulates the interaction between humans and business applications. The robots can log into applications, open emails, and attachments, connect to system APIs, scrape web data, navigate through menus, extract, copy and paste data, all resulting in the successful execution of tasks currently being performed by human workers.

What Kinds of Tasks Can Be Automated?

You name it. Bots can do everything from payroll processing and account reconciliations to claims and underwriting processing and much, much more. The bots can quite literally replicate any task that a human being performs at their computer. The bots can run 24/7/365 at a 100% accuracy rate.

Some bots run unattended and will only require human intervention to assist with exceptions. Other bots run attended and will require your employees to play an important role in the process. They will help set up the automated processes, intervene when there is an exception and oversee the overall process. But with a Robotic Process Automation system, your employees will have more time to perform higher-level strategic initiatives, and better serve your customers.

What is RPA and how does it work?

The workflow starts with the robot opening all the applications that it is going to use. It will then access an excel file and extract the names and email addresses of various people. Then it will navigate to Salesforce and run a search by the user’s email address to check whether that person already has a Salesforce account or needs to be created. The robot moves to the next step and continues for each user. When it’s finished, the bot will add all the data to a Microsoft Word template, convert it to a PDF, email a report to the designated person, and mark the user record in Excel as “completed.”

How Does Optelcon Add Value?

Optelcon is in the business of making companies more profitable by reducing & containing costs, improving efficiency and sourcing more effectively. Through our strategic partners, Optelcon is vendor-neutral, RPA integrator. With over 50 RPA developers and process engineers, we use best practices to help select the best software for the job, document, program, integrate, and update the bots when processes change. We make sure it gets done right.

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