Waste Management and Cost Containment

Optelcon’s Cost Containment Network will help reduce your company’s past, present & future waste management costs by an average of 10-20%?

Optelcon addresses challenges faced by C-level executives, including rising waste management costs. Even with a recently negotiated agreement, Optelcons Cost Reduction Network can identify incremental savings. Optelcon’s Network applies decades of waste management experience and expertise gained by conducting over 20,000 audits in order to instill transparency, eliminate confusion, and save significantly. We identify errors, overcharges and cost reduction opportunities by evaluating your invoices, agreements, equipment and services. The savings are verified in the form of a refund or a reduced monthly bill.

Most business owners/managers do not have the time and expertise required to uncover hidden overcharges in their services. Optelon’s Network of preferred relationships with vendors and our network’s understanding of the industry (rates, equipment, fuel indexes, surcharges, recycling indexes, CPI, etc) enables us to work from a position of strength on your behalf. With 20,000 successful audits since 1994, we are experts at reducing your expenses.



What is involved in commercial waste audits?

  • Forensic Audit
    • Every line item, invoice or SKU for hauler compliance. An audit includes verification of rate increases; surcharges; CPI adherence; DOE monthly regional fuel indexes; recycling indexes; state/local taxes, environmental fees; admin charges; recovery fees; excess disposal; container use fees and others.
  • Review your current operations.
    • If the client wishes, we will assess equipment/services to develop an in-depth understanding of your unique service needs. We offer on-site surveys using proprietary analysis tools for clients who have volume and efficiency concerns.
  • Identify opportunities
    • To reduce costs by applying a knowledgebase of the latest technologies, transportation systems, container alternatives, frequency control, disposal alternatives, commodity pricing for any recycling materials and negotiating more feasible profit levels for the hauling companies.
  • Platform 
    • This EWS/SWS Platform is a database of all vendors and discounts that we are able to extend to customers based on multiple relationships. 20,000 successful audits/clients offer valuable market knowledge and buying leverage.
  • Present recommendations
    • We provide an estimate of savings/refunds for approval. Your Division will fully understand and approve recommendations presented by our organization.
  • Implement the plan and secure refund/s and savings.
    • We fully implement the recommendations once approved.
  • Monitor the plan.
    • For the length of the agreement, we monitor/audit the operations of the implemented waste management plan, ensuring that standards are maintained, errors and overcharges are identified and corrected, and that the expected savings are being achieved.
  • Provide monthly reports
    • We show continuing results. Each month, we provide a detailed report showing the actual savings being achieved as a result of Optelcon’s services.
      Optelcon’s Cost Containment Network has detailed knowledge of varied waste streams for clients including food waste, landscape waste, medical waste, paper waste, metal scrap, wood scrap, special waste streams, bio-hazardous waste streams, liquid waste, manufacturing waste and of course, standard municipal trash.

Optelcon’s Cost Containment Network is made up of independent waste management consulting firms and we do not own an interest in any hauling companies nor landfills, nor do we stand to profit by directing hauling or recycling business to any particular company. This is an important fact because true independent advice can only come from companies unencumbered by such relationships.

Optelcon only gets compensated if we procure refunds and savings results.

Reduce the amount you pay for waste hauling with our network of Waste Link Electronic Monitoring services.

Sometimes the fixed scheduled pickups that waste hauling companies provide are not ideal for your business. Our network of monitoring service providers help you determine the most efficient pickup times and save you anywhere from 10%-40% of costs.

Waste Link monitor technology uses pressure gauges and indicator lights to track when a container is full. Why pay full price for half a container? Our network of electronic monitoring services will make sure you only pay when you need it.

Benefits of Waste Monitoring

  • Always know when bins require service.
  • Monitor signals haul service for you when full.
  • Never too early or late on waste pick-ups.
  • Never experience overflows
  • Almost all models of compactors are compatible.

Optelcon’s Network of Waste Solution partners help businesses reduce and contain costs for medical waste. By not hiring a medical waste consultant to audit your invoices, it is possible that you’re paying thousands of dollars more per year than you should be. Our network of waste consultants conduct risk-free reviews to identify hidden fees, billing errors, and provide cost-saving solutions.

Types of Medical Waste

Medical waste is generated during diagnosis, treatments, research, or immunizations of humans or animals. Typically this is in the form of disposables, discarded medicines, chemical waste, sharp objects, body fluids, bandages, swabs and more.

  • Hazardous Waste – Potentially harmful to humans and the environment. It is important to have the appropriate procedures and accommodations for hazardous waste.
  • Solid Waste – Generated typically from residential causes or commercial complexes, solid waste are things like sanitation residue, debris, living wastes, etc.
  • Universal Waste – Medical facilities tend to generate what is known as universal waste. These are items such as batteries, electronics, light bulbs, etc.

Stop Overpaying for Waste Removal
It is our job as waste consultants to make sure that our clients are receiving the best waste services possible at a price that is reasonable. We service companies across the nation with risk-free waste removal and recycling costs. We also specialize in working with waste management companies to minimize the time and effort you spend to manage your commercial waste. Our goal is to remove any burdensome time you spend on waste.

By utilizing our network of services, our clients have been shown to save nearly 40%-60% off their original waste removal cost. There is no limit to the services we provide when it comes to waste consulting, from electronic waste monitoring to up-to-date waste audits; you name it, we can do it.

Waste Management Consulting

If you’re in the business that tends to generate a lot of waste, it is ideal to have a waste consulting company to protect you from hidden fees, un-needed waste costs, and managing waste to ensure that it is being disposed of properly. We provide waste management consulting for a variety of businesses and industries. These include:

  • Medical facilities
  • Industrial factories
  • Commercial buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores and more.

There are no upfront costs and we perform our services on a 100% contingency bases. No Results, No Fee Guarantee means you don’t pay a penny unless – and until – we produce a refund or a reduced monthly bill. We are paid out of the savings we procure, so no new money is needed. We increase your cash flow, we don’t reduce it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain as our fees come directly from the refunds/savings that are documented.

Very little! That’s one of the greatest benefits in having us work for you. Our network partners perform their analysis and implement client-approved recommendations without disrupting daily business activities. All that is required is approval on our Cost Reduction Agreement and a copy of last month’s invoices.

The fact that you have a contract in place has very little bearing on our ability to produce results. In fact, 95% of our client’s do have contracts in place. We produce results on over 80% of those properties.

Our analysis can be completed in as little as two weeks to several months depending on the number of locations you have and the size and complexity of your accounts.


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