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In 2018, Hospitals paid over $564 million in preventable readmission penalties.

MetTel’s Turn-key Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Solution Reduces Costs by Reducing Readmission Rates, Improving Patient Care and Creating Efficiencies

The Results Speak For Themselves

% Average Reduction In Readmissions
Million In Approx. Savings for Payers
% Improved Utilization
Minutes of Added Care Engagement Per Day

MetTel and Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) have partnered to create the industry’s strongest, best-in-breed, turn-key Telehealth Solution. Utilizing MetTel’s deployment resources and Single SIM technology, the MetTel/HRS partnership means:

  • No upfront costs
  • Low monthly fee per patient
  • The cost of providing RPM services can be significantly reduced or eliminated through new Medicare new bill codes
  • Reduced Labor Cost
  • Improved Efficiency
  • A Complete Turn-Key Solution
  • Better connectivity via MetTel’s exclusive multi-carrier SIM card technology (One SIM cards, connectivity to All Major US carriers)
  • Higher Reliability
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Improved Patient Care and Satisfaction Scores

MetTel’s RPM solution combines innovative patient engagement software with biometric monitoring and mobile apps. This approach delivers the confidence and support patients need to improve their behavior and actively participate in managing their care.

The software features disease-specific educational videos, teach-back quizzes, health surveys, video visits, medication reminders, wound imaging, and texting. The mobile apps assist clinicians in providing real-time case management and allow families to stay connected.

Patients Benefits

  • Operates on the latest in FDA approved vital monitoring devices.
  • Reduces the frequency and necessity for home care nursing visits
  • Better outpatient care increases overall patient results and lowers readmissions
  • The system gives immediate access to vital information
  • The healthcare provider can make necessary and appropriate patient interventions quicker and more accurately

MetTel’s Turnkey RPM solution takes the complexity out of implementing an RPM system

MetTel takes care of provisioning and kitting a bundle of prescribed pre-connected Bluetooth devices and activates MetTel’s exclusive multi-carrier wireless multi-carrier SIM Card. This allows hospitals to focus on patient care instead of configuring devices, activate sims, pairing devices and managing inventory, etc.

Why is MetTel’s Single SIM Is A Better Solution For RPM Connectivity?

Traditional SIM cards only connect to one wireless network. If a patient is in an area where the selected carrier has little to no signal, the system may not work? To solve this problem, MetTel has developed the only wireless SIM card that seamlessly connects to every major US wireless carrier and the networks of over 650 global carriers in more than 165 Countries. Regardless of where the patient is, MetTel’s Single SIM technology is constantly searching and seamlessly connecting to the wireless network that has the best signal strength. Using MetTel’s Single SIM technology means our RPM solution has the highest reliability and connectivity of any telehealth solution in the market. Because MetTel maintains end to end control, MetTel can assure full HIPAA enablement to keep your patients’ data safe and secure.

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