SaaS Management

Cloud apps are here to stay.  Most organizations use multiple SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms.  When different departments start using different platforms,  how do you effectively manage them?  For the first time, enterprises can now manage all of these diverse platforms in one place.  The Meta SaaS platform and service, saves time, money and adds a level of security management not found in the market today?

How does Meta SaaS impact different areas of an organization?

Eliminate Shadow IT Costs.


The goal of all business cloud applications is to provide value in exchange for money.  Your organization’s procurement policies and employee’s compliance with those policies dictate how they collect that money.

Cloud application spend is rarely identified, as such, anywhere on the P&L.  Departmental budgets, expense reports, and corporate cards bury these expenses.

With a Single dashboard, we identify and consolidate shadow SaaS costs. We connect securely via PCI compliant methods  to your expense, accounting, and payment vendors. To effectively manage these expenses, you first have to know about them.  Meta SaaS makes this a reality.

Still Managing with Spreadsheets and Calendars? That’s so last year…


Understanding and tracking when your contracts renew is important. With contracts renewing monthly, quarterly, annual, or over multiple years it is difficult to track.  Tracking and getting notification dates for changing license numbers or renegotiating the terms of your agreement with the vendor is equally as important,. Ensuring that you don’t exceed or are not late with matters concerning your contract renegotiations is important to get all you can from your SaaS platforms. Our SaaS renewal contract management is a tool designed specifically for such a task.

When your contract is about to auto-renew, it’s unlikely that your SaaS vendor will alert you. It’s not in their best interest.  This is even more evident when you’re not fully utilizing the product.

Tracking important contract dates and intelligently adjusting reminders based on total contract value, actual time required per-vendor to make changes, with strong preferences to tools that you are not utilizing efficiently is what we do. Sit back, relax, and let Meta SaaS take do the hard work. Get rid of the tedious spreadsheets – Using our SaaS management tools, get on track (and on time) with your contract renewals.

Use What You Buy, Buy What You Need.

31% of the licenses at the average business go entirely unused. SaaS is easy to buy and is easy to deploy. SaaS, however, is designed to spread inside of organizations. Companies find themselves paying hundreds of SaaS vendors.  Most of these vendors are not particularly expensive, but in total, the waste becomes astounding. It’s time to think about how to reduce SaaS spending.

How would you like easy to read, proactive reports that show license utilization across all of the SaaS vendors at your company as well as alerts for when you’re paying for unused SaaS licenses. You will find it hard to believe how much you can save your company.


User Access to Important Data

According to a report, Biscom determined that 85% of employees have stolen digital information from employers. Securing company data by making sure that only employees who are employed at your company have access is challenging for IT departments and HR, alike.  It is critical to ensure that you have secure SaaS user accounts.

Most companies  use a process of checklists. When an employee leaves or changes departments, numerous emails are sent to many people trying to disconnect accounts that the employee had access to. Many companies have employed single sign on (SSO) in an attempt to solve this problem. Unfortunately SSO only works with systems it is connected to and most companies don’t implement SSO across 100% of their SaaS vendors.

We augment SSO providers such as Okta by connecting the HR record to SaaS vendor records. This produces intelligent, accurate checklists that identify exactly what every employee has access to. We’re comparing against hard data when creating secure SaaS accounts. You will sleep better knowing that the checklist of systems are accurate and complete.

Nothing Beats DirectConnect.

Meta SaaS, as our name suggests, maintains the largest corpus of direct integrations that gives unparalleled business intelligence about when and how your employees are interacting with your SaaS products. DirectConnect means that we directly connect with your SaaS vendors, as instead of only piggy backing on a single-sign-on (SSO) identity provider. That’s not to say we don’t support SSO integration. By integrating with your SSO vendor, we support over 6,000+ applications. DirectConnect integrations allow you to go well beyond just counting logins and allows you to begin to understand real ROI and true impact of SaaS application usage within your company.

Get answers to questions such as these:

  • What are employees doing in the products that we have purchased?
  • What specific components of a software suite are used more than others?
  • Are we paying for unnecessary features or products?

We encourage you to look at other software-as-a-service optimization platforms. Know that no other SaaS optimization platform offers as many direct integrations as Meta SaaS. No other SaaS optimization platform provides the depth of meaningful insights to your business.

We now have more than 200 DirectConnect integrations and this number continues to grow. If there’s a popular SaaS application we don’t connect to, chances are – the DirectConnect integration is underway. Be sure to contact us so we can demonstrate the DirectConnect advantage.



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